Selasa, 06 Januari 2015 is Place to Share Information About Indonesia Agriculture is Place to Share Information About Indonesia Agriculture - Judging the condition of agriculture in Indonesia, here will elaborate a variety of problems, and if possible with the solution. If we truly realize that the nature of Indonesia it is a heaven for many species of plants, rich in mineral resources, and so forth. It would be sad to see that in fact the State of Indonesia is still importing a variety of foodstuffs from abroad, in order to meet the basic needs of the people of Indonesia. The question is, what is missing from Indonesian agriculture to the extent that can not meet the basic needs of the Indonesian people?

Indonesian agriculture is competitive advantage

Indonesia like other Asian countries, only has two seasons: the rainy season and dry season, so it would be very easy to set / define the season for planting (grafts, Java) and the harvest season.

The type of soil that exist in Indonesia is diverse, namely:

  1.      Black clay soil that has nutrients better than other soil types.
  2.      Sandy soil is of volcanic lava that has a high fertility rate.
  3.      Ground rock or soil that hard there is usually a brownish color in the underground black. Have fewer nutrients than clay.
All of types of soil on top, Indonesia land is still fertile soil, rich in nutrients and can be planted well.

Conversion of agricultural land to residential

Again, we are not able to move slightly with age increasingly rapid changes, which take an active role in the growth of the population (the population level). What can I say if the number of people in Indonesia increasingly larger, then along with the population growth, it will be accompanied by an increase in the number of settlements. The opening of agricultural land used for residential or agricultural land conversion to the settlement will also be increasing.

But do not worry, we have such agricultural experts sophisticated, so it's been a lot of scientific discoveries that can help increase agricultural cultivation. Tricks agriculture also applicable for use in a narrow area or wide area also has strived to increase food self-sufficiency.

Wide range of
agriculture tips also socialized  so that all farmers in Indonesia are also feel the ease of cultivation. Agriculture tutorial delivered via the agricultural extension. Other easiness delivered through agricultural regulations that we can definitely feel.

In the current era to find a tutorial on tips and tricks are very easy to farm as we saw on the website is Place to Share Information About Indonesia Agriculture In the website Place to Share Information About Indonesia Agriculture, there are tutorials that agriculture is very likely you do yourself at home, such as

     Knowing the soil pH is traditionally
     Method to determine the nutrient status of the plant
     Benefits and functions of the existence of the land, and so forth.

Personallymy opinion agriculture Indonesia has a variety of complex problems and requires the completion of an integrated inter-agency. Indonesia's natural resources is undoubtedly. How are we treat and manage Indonesia agriculture as well as possible, with no disregard supporting elements. With so agriculture Indonesia would be advanced.

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